Lenovo 100s series (ChromeBook) 100S Series Chromebook (Lenovo), motherboard Schematic diagram

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Also Included:

2 schematic diagrams for motherboard:
— for MB with CPU N2820 & N2920
— for MB with CPU N2830 & N2930
BoardView file for MB and BoardView software
Schematic diagram for IO board

Power Sequence Block diagram
SMBUS_I2C Block digram
Power control Block Diagram

Major components:

Intel Intel Bay Trail-M

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Language : English

Please note!
The schematic diagrams and boardview file are not original ones.
They both are taken from the most advanced motherboard in this
series (the original MB is a light version). It will not be a problem,
especially for professionals, because the main part of these
motherboards (about 95%) is identical one to another.
Please see the picture ("Original MB compared to BoardView")
Updated: 19-08-2019
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