Panasonic Toughbook CF-30, Laptop Motherboard Schematic diagram

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Service Manual & motherboard schematic diagram
Panasonic ToughtBook CF-30 (Intel 945GM / ICH7-M / UMA Gfx)

Major components:

CPU : Intel Core Duo Processor Low Voltage
Chipset :Intel 945GM / ICH7-M
Video: UMA
EC(KBC)/SIO :Renesas-Hitachi M306KAFCLRP / SMSC SIO10N268-NU
Audio codec: STAC9200
LAN: Marvell 88E8055
Card BUS controller : Ricoh R5C842

VCore: ISL6261
1.8V : LTC3728
2.5V : XC6219
0.9V : BD3533F
1.5V : LTC3728
3.3V/5.0V : LTC3728
Charger : LTC4008

File type : PDF
Language : English

The Service Manual contains :

1. Specifications
2. Names and Functions of Parts
3. Block Diagram
4. Diagnosis Procedure
5. Power-On Self Test (Boot Check)
6. List of Error Codes <Only when the port replicator is connected>
7. Self Diagnosis Test
8. Wiring Connection Diagram
9. Disassembly/Reassembly
10. Exploded View
11. Replacement Parts List
Updated: 28-10-2010
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