LCFC OEM NM-F231 KS380 , Motherboard BoardView file and Schematic diagram

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Price: US $30.00  

Motherboard p/n: KS380 NM-F231
USB Board p/n: KS385 NS-F231

What's included:

- Schematic Diagram for Motherboard
- BoardView file for Motherboard and BoardView software
- Power Block Diagram
- Hardware Maintenance Manual
- BIOS File*

Main components:

CPU/HUB/RAM: Intel Raptor Lake-P / LPDDR5
EC : IT8227VG-192-CX

File types:

Schematic Diagram(s) : PDF / Searchable (Rev: SIT (0.1))
BoardView file(s) : .TVW (Rev: SIT (0.1))
Silkscreen for MB : N/A
HMM : PDF / Searchable
BIOS file* : .FD (Original file from official Lenovo website)
Language : English

* The BIOS file is offered AS-IS
Updated: 14-09-2023
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