LCFC OEM NM-C651 GP540/GP740 + (NS-C651 GP540/GP740, NS-C652 GP540/GP740 & NS-C654 GP540, NS-C655 GP740), Motherboard, 2 GPU cards and 2 I/O Boards BoardView file and Schematic diagram

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Price: US $49.50  

Motherboard p/n: GP540/GP740 NM-C651
GPU Board (N18E/N19E) p/n: GP540/GP740 NS-C651
GPU Board (N19P) p/n: GP540/GP740 NS-C652
I/O Board (for 15") p/n: GP540 NS-C654
I/O Board (for 17") p/n: GP740 NS-C655

What's included:

— Schematic Diagram and BoardVeiw file for Motherboard
— Schematic Diagram for GPU Board (N18E/N19E)(no BoardView file)
— Schematic Diagram for GPU Board (N18P)(no BoardView file)
— Schematic Diagram for I/O Board (for 15") (no BoardView file)
— Schematic Diagram for I/O Board (for 17") (no BoardView file)
— Power On Sequence Timing Diagram
— Power Off Sequence Timing Diagram
— Power Tree (Power Block Diagram / Power Distribution Diagram)
— I2C Bus Block Diagram

Main components:

CPU/HUB/RAM: Intel CometLake-H / WM490 / DDR4

GPU/VRAM: Discrete GPU Card:
— nVidia N18E-G2R-A1 (RTX 2070 8GB GDDR6)
— nVidia N18E-G3R-A1 (RTX 2080 8GB GDDR6)
— nVidia N19E-Q1-KB-A1 (Quadro RTX 3000 6GB GDDR6)
— nVidia N19E-Q3-A1 (Quadro RTX 4000 Max-Q 8GB GDDR6)
— nVidia N19E-Q5-A1 (Quadro RTX 5000 Max-Q 16GB GDDR6)
— nVidia N19P-Q1-A1 (Quadro T1000 4GB GDDR6)
— nVidia N19P-Q3-A1 (Quadro T2000 4GB GDDR6)

EC/SIO : MEC1653

File types:

Schematic Diagram(s) : PDF / Searchable
Silkscreen for MB : N/A
BoardView file(s) : .CAD (There is the BoardView file for MB only. BoardView files for GPU & I/O BDs are not available)
Language : English

Updated: 15-11-2022
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