Lenovo Lenovo FLEX series laptops Flex 5G-14Q8CX05 (Type 82AK), Motherboard BoardView file and Schematic diagram

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Price: US $20.00  

What's included:

- Schematic Diagram for MB
- BoardView file for MB + BoardView software
- Power Map (Power Distribution Diagram)
- Power Block Diagram
- Power Sequence Timing Diagram

Major components:

CPU / RAM : Qualcomm SC8180X / LPDDR4
EC : ENE KB9022

Other : WCN3998, WSA8815, WCD9341, PMC1000H, PMK8002, PMC8180, PMC8180C, AOZ1375, SMB2351,
FSUSB42UMX, SMB2351, SUSB42UMX, SY8286ARAC, RP115L211B, SY8286B, MP2333GTL

File types -

Schematic Diagram : PDF (Searchable)
BoardView file : .BDV (Honghan)
Language : English

Updated: 12-10-2021
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