Lenovo Lenovo FLEX series laptops Flex 2-14 Laptop (Lenovo), Motherboard BoardView file and Schematic diagram

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Price: US $18.75  

Also included:

- BoardView file and BoardView software
- Power Up Sequence Timing Diagram (AC Mode)
- Power Up Sequence Step-by_Step Block Diagram
- Power Block Diagram
- APU SMBus Block Diagram
- KBC SMBus Block Diagram
- Thermal Block Diagram
- Audio Block Diagram

Major components:

CPU/HUB/RAM: Intel Haswell or Broadwell / DDR3L
GPU: UMA / DIS (N15V-GM(GT820M) or N15S-GT(GT840M) + 1/2/4Gb DDR3 VRAM)
EC: Nuvoton NPCE285G

Schematic Diagram(s): PDF / Searchable
BoardView file(s) : .BRD
Language : English
BIOS file : N/A
Updated: 21-06-2021
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