Payment details:
Our "Skrill" account :
The ammount (Price) is shown on the previous page 
After we receive your payment we will email link where you can download the ordered document.
Or we will send the document directly to you by email
Instructions ( How to pay by Skrill ):
Step 1: Log-in to your "Skrill" account.
Step 2: Click on the "Send Money" button.
Step 3: Enter details :
        3a)    Recipient email :
        3b)    Enter amount  xx.xx (xx.xx =  Price . It's shown on the previous page)
        3c)    Choose a curency. It must be USD (US$)
Step 4: Click on "Add name and message".
Step 5: Fill out the Message Box. Type the name of document that you want to buy.
            For Example :  "schematic diagram for HP DV5-1020cl"   or  "I need schematic diagram and "Board View" file for LB # 820-3023-A "
           *If you want the download link / document delivered to a different e-mail address then please specify that in the Message Box
Step 7: Click "Review"
Step 8: Enter your date of birth  to confirm a transaction
Step 9: Click on the "Send Money" button.

We process all orders manually to avoid any mistakes and provide you with a first class service !
Your order will be delivered within 15-20 min. (max. 1 hour) if you pay from 6:00am to 9:00pm.*
If your order has been paid  from 9:01pm to 5:59am.* - it will be delivered ASAP, but not earlier  then at 6:00am
             * Time
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If you don't receive the e-mail within these time frames  then please contact us.
*Make sure you check your SPAM folder in case your anti-spam program deleted the e-mail when you received it.