Lenovo P series laptops (ThinkPad) P14s Gen 3 (Type 21AK, 21AL) Laptop (ThinkPad) (with Nuvoton NPCX997 EC only!), Motherboard, USB and Powe Board BoardView files and Schematic diagram

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This Schematic Diagram and BoardView file fit to MB with Nuvoton NPCX997 EC only!
The Schematic Diagram and BoardView file for MB with Microchip MEC1723 EC
are also available. Please see the appropriate page.

What's included:

— Schematic Diagram for Motherboard
— 3 BoardView files for Motherboard, USB and Power Board + BoardView Software
— Power Block Diagram (Power Tree / Power Distribution Diagram)

Major components:

CPU/HUB/RAM: Intel AlderLake-P / DDR4
GPU: UMA or DIS (GN18-S5-A1 (MX550) or GN20-S5-A1 (RTX 2050) or QN20-M1-R-A1 (Quadro T500) + GDDR6)
EC/SIO : Nuvoton NPCX997

File types:

Schematic Diagram(s) : PDF / Searchable
Silkscreen for MB : N/A
BoardView file(s) : .TVW
Language : English

Updated: 18-08-2023
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