Lenovo T series laptops (ThinkPad) T14 Gen 3 (Type 21AH, 21AJ) Laptop (ThinkPad), Motherboard Schematic diagram

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What's included:

— Schematic Diagram for motherboard
— Power Block Diagram (Power Tree / Power Distribution Diagram)

Major components:

CPU/HUB/RAM: Intel AlderLake-P / DDR4
GPU: UMA or DIS (GN18-S5-A1 (MX550) or GN20-S5-A1 (RTX 2050) or QN20-M1-R-A1 (Quadro T500) + GDDR6)
EC/SIO : MEC1723

File types:

Schematic Diagram(s) : PDF / Searchable
Silkscreen for MB : N/A
BoardView file(s) : N/A
Language : English


This schematics diagram goes to the MB# JT4C0/JT6C0/JP4C0/JP6C0/JT4C2 NM-D882.
But it also could be used for the MB# JT4CA/GT4CB NM-E981 with some limitations.
The main difference is EC (please see picture)
We don't guarantee a 100% compatibility between the schematic diagram and the MB# JT4CA/GT4CB NM-E981!
Updated: 20-02-2023
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