Acer Aspire ONE (NetBook) AOD255E (Atom N455,N475,N550 - DDR3 ), Laptop motherboard Schematic diagram

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This schematic diagram is applicable to motherboards with Intel Atom N455,N475,N550 and DDR3 RAM only !

Major components

CPU / RAM : Intel Atom N455,N475,N550 / DDR3 RAM
Chipset : Intel TigerPoint
KBC(Embeded Controller) : KB926
Clock Generator : SLG8SP556VTR (alternative variants - IDT or Realtek)
Audio Codec/AMP : Realtek ALC272 / TPA6017A2
LAN Controller : Atheros AR8152L
Cardreader Controller : ENE6252

<Power System>

5V/3V :TPS51125
1.8VP / +VCCPP: RT8209/RT8209
+0.89VP/+1.8VP/+0.75VS: SY8033/SY8033/APL5336
Charger : ISL6251

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Updated: 06-07-2011
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