HCL Infosystems Leaptop ''Series 30'', Notebook Motherboard Schematic diagram

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Price: US $15.00  

Manufacturer: HCL Infosystems (India)
Family : Notebook
Category : Laptop
Model: "Series 30"
Model Code Name: VIGOR


*Power Block Diagram
**Power On Sequence Diagram
***"Board view" file* + software(viewer). Using this tool you will be able
to find any component,pin or signal on your motherboard in a few seconds!

Major components

CPU :Intel Merom
Chipset :SiS M672 / SiS968
Video: UMA
KBC(Embeded Controller),SIO :ITE8512 (IT8511E)

File tipe : PDF
Language : English

* The "Board View" file is taken from another similar motherboard (the same series).
An actual placement of components may be slightly different . We offer the "Board View"
file AS-IS and for free!
Updated: 02-10-2010
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