Asus VivoBook-series F407UB (KabyLake-R CPU only), Motherboard BoardView file and Schematic diagram

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What's included:

— Schematic Diagram for MB
— BoardView file
— Power Flow Diagram (Power Distribution Diagram / Power Block Diagram)
— Power On Sequence Timing Diagram (AC Mode)
— Power On Sequence Timing Diagram (DC Mode)

Major components:

CPU/HUB/RAM : Intel Kabylake-R / DDR4
GPU : DIS (N16V-GMR1/N16S-GTR (MX110/MX130) + 2Gb GDDR5)
EC : IT8995E

File types -

Schematic Diagram : PDF (Searchable)
BoardView file : PDF (Searchable) (incl. RefDes# and TestPoints/Signals)
REV : 1.0
Language : English

Updated: 19-07-2021
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