Wistron OEM WASP13 (Comet Lake CPU only), Motherboard Schematic diagram

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This schematic diagram fits to MBs with "Comet Lake" CPU only!!!
Wistron "WASP 13" for MBs with "Whiskey Lake" CPU is also available (see appropriate page)

Known motherboard p/n:

- WASP13-MB 18769-1 N94G2$CA 448.0GW01.0011
- WASP13-MB 18769-1 N94G2$CA 448.0GX01.0011
- WASP13-MB 18769-1 N94G2$CA 448.0H601.0011

Also included:

- BoardView file and BoardView software
- Power Sequence Timing Diagram
- Clock Block Diagram

Major components:

CPU/RAM: Intel "Comet Lake-U" / DDR4
GPU: UMA or DIS (nVidia N17S-G2 + GDDR5)
EC: MEC1418

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Updated: 30-06-2020
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